Product list

In your store's Admin area, go to the Products section Catalog > Products.

When you open the section, it displays a sorted list of all products in the store. You are able to set custom list of products with search and refine options. Important: search brings result and grid can use refine for that result. Grid itself does not search anything.

  • The 'Products' grid contains the 'refine' pattern which allows you to refine products by the following parameters:
    - Product Name;
    - Model - product's model;
  • You can change the content language of products to display using top navigation
  • You can change the Store to display using top navigation
  • You can refine/search products by keyword, category and status using top navigation
  • You can change sort order quickly using Drag-and-drop in the grid
  • You can set products to be related quickly in the grid
  • To add a new product click the button

Adding products

Also you can bulk add products to your store via CSV import