Send mail to store subscribers or customers

Sales > Send Mail

The AbanteCart shopping cart allows you to mail to all registered customers.

AbanteCart also allows visitors to sign up for your newsletters. This list of Newsletter subscribers is stored separately from your store's customer list. When sending mail you can select registered users subscribers, visitors newsletter subscribers or add registered customers to the list of recipients

From: You can select store if You have a multistore configured in Admin > Settings.
read more about multistore set up in this article

To: select select mailing list. All Subscribers, All customers, Newsletter Subscribers Only (non-customers) or create custom list of customers

Using the suggested Search form You can find any registered customers email. Select customers in the search results list and click to add it to right panel.

To customers who have ordered Products: send email or sms to registered as well as guest customers who have ordered selected products.

Guests customers notes

If customer wanted to receive additional marketing info from you they would make an account. If you need to contact a customer due to a faulty product or and order issue the email address is associated with the order.
In some countries now it is illegal to contact a customer for marketing purposes if they don't signup.

Subject: Enter a subject of the message.

Message: Enter a text of the message.


This uses the HTML-Editor so you can add HTML, images. Use inline CSS to control other presentation elements within your email, such as background colors and fonts.

After you fill all required forms click the Send button to mail.

Send SMS

To send SMS the communication extension should be installed and configured. In core AbanteCart have preinstalled TextMarketer and Twillio communication extensions.