Storefront Menu list

Design > Menu

Menu is the links displayed in the top right in the storefront by following which the customer can quickly go to some important pages in the store. A list of these links is given on the page.

  • To remove a menu link click on the delete button
  • To edit a menu link click on the edit button
  • To add a menu link use the + button.

Edit or create Menu item

Design > Menu > Add

fill in the following fields:

Unique ID alphanumeric without spaces

Text Link name, displayed in the storefront

Link link to the page in the store where customers should be taken;


If you type product/special for visitors url will be

For external links add http:// or https:// in the beginning like

You can also use relative URLs like ../blog/ to lead visitors to page

Parent - choose whether it will be a root level menu or it will be assigned to some menu

Sort Order Sort Order set's the order of which the menu link will be displayed amongst others.

Icon Upload image to display near menu text on storefront or add html resource.


Not all storefront templates support menu's icons

For better usability you can use link type tool:

Change link type "Category Page" or "Content Page". This will automatically insert correct category or content page url to the Link field.

After you have made your changes, select the save button.


If you are notice that new AbanteCart menu items not visible after cart upgrade, please add them manually in Admin > Design > Menu. Menu is dynamic content related and can not be updated with autoupdate process. You can always found default menu items configuration in our demo