Changing your store's theme

In the Admin area go to Design > Templates

To apply template to the storefront click the button
To edit template logo, favicon, thumbnails sizes click the edit button
Third party templates you can find more settings and dependencies in the template's extension page


In the store's Admin area go to the Extensions > Templates section and check whether the your new theme extension is installed and enabled at your store. If not you can not manage this template in Design > Templates section.

Changing template Layout

In the Admin area go to Design > Layouts

If you are looking how to disable, edit or move some blocks (side boxes) in the Admin area go to Design > Layouts section. Important to select appropriate template and page layout.

Clone default template

Additional tool installation required.

If you modify a default template directly and it is updated, then your modifications may be lost. By using a clone option you will ensure that your modifications are preserved.


Usually creating new templates require developer skills, you will be pleased to know that we have developed a special extension to help clone default template.
Anyone welcome to help and contribute to this extension development. Join GitHub project Success

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    Install and enable latest version of developer tools extension.

    Visit developer_tools_extension page at GitHub. In the right corner select button 'Clone or Download' and choose Download Zip option. Unarchive it, locate developer_tools_extension version you need and upload code/extensions/developer_tools/ folder to your_site/extensions/ folder. It is important to make sure that developer_tools directory and directory for cloned template have complete rules to write files (777). For template extension clone, you need to set temporary /extensions/ directory to 777 and for core template clone set /storefront/view/ directory to 777
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    In Design > Templates page clone button will be activated.

    Click clone button to start wizard
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    Clone Wizard.

    You have to choose Clone to Extension (/extensions/) or Core Template (/storefront/view/)
    And select Clone method: Partial to be new template as child of default or Full to make new template completely separated and include all .tpl files.
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    Set new template to be your default theme.