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    Add language via language extension install

    You can easily add new languages using Language extensions. There are several free Language Extensions available on AbanteCart Marketplace, You can find it just right in your AbanteCart Admin > Extensions > Get Extensions section.

    More than 25 languages available

    Check list with about 25+ language extensions we create for you using machine translation. Please help the AbanteCart open source community to correct (translate) language extensions xml files. Translating an open source project is much like the development of the project itself.

    Also Italian, Rusian and Spanish language extension are available in the core AbanteCart and available for install in Admin > Extensions > Languages page

    Please follow simple steps to add new language with extension:

    • Install language extension. See extension installation manual
    • Once extension installed please set extension status to ON
    • New language will be available in your language list in Admin > System > Localization > Languages
    • Take a note your dynamic Data related texts that are language specific like products descriptions, categories, countries, zones, etc do not have translations.
      Fortunately, AbanteCart has a facility to populate language data with copy from any other installed languages (English by default) or auto translate if you have translating service connected.
      You can do this in language edit section and it is called "Load missing language data"

      No Undo

      This action will copy all missed language data like Product's and Categories names, descriptions, Length & Weight classes, Order statuses, Tax classes ... etc.

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    Create new language in admin with basic settings

    Check how to add new language in admin.
    Once you do this, you have 2 options:
    - Automatic Translation: Install google translate extension and translate all your store to any language you want. This will use google paid service and will cost few dollars
    - Manual Translation: You can copy whole English language to new with "Load missing (not translated) language data". See link above. You will need to edit all translations in the admin. Timely process.
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    Create language as an extension for your new language.

    For this, just download any language extension
    Rename some files and all content in XML files to new language. You can contribute this to AbanteCart marketplace after you are done


    You will need to rename files content carefully not to break XML structure.