Languages List

System > Localization > Languages

This page show the list of installed languages in your AbanteCart

Install languages

More than 25 languages available

Check list with about 25+ language extensions we create for you using machine translation. Please help the AbanteCart open source community to correct (translate) language extensions xml files. Translating an open source project is much like the development of the project itself.

If you are looking to install your website to a foreign language you can do this with Language Extension install or Create new language manually

Extension Install

First You need to install Language extension. There are several methods to install extension to AbanteCart please read Extension Installation Instructions. There are several free Language Extensions available on AbanteCart Extension Store, You can find it just right in your AbanteCart AdminFront > Extensions > Extension store section.

Once language Extension installed please set extension status to ON.

Then activate installed language in System > Localizations > Languages section.