How to access administration section

Where is the administration interface of AbanteCart?

The admin panel is located at http://your_domain/index.php?s=secret_admin
You should have been prompted for the secret_admin key during the installation.
You can always find this in your configuration file on your server.

Look for define('ADMIN_PATH', 'secret_admin');

Most common Store settings

Section covers the most general configuration settings such as setting up logo, changing the domain name, etc.

List of all AbanteCart settings are in the Admin > System> Settings

  • Change Logo.

    Logo related to template settings. In order to edit logo your need to locate storefront template settings in Admin.

    Log in to your store's Admin area and go to the Design > Templates section. Click Edit button on your current storefront template. On template settings page click on logo image to change it and a popup will appear allowing you to upload a picture you like from your local computer. Depending on template you have to change the size of the image in any image editor.

  • Setting up SEO friendly URLs

    Use SEO-friendly URLs for product and categories, instead of default ones with GET parameters (e.g. index.php?rt=product/category&path=68)

    Log in to your store's Admin area and go to the System > Settings > System section there. Set the Use SEO URL's to On. Next you need to rename the htaccess.txt file to .htaccess on your server


    mod_rewrite is something that is installed on your server by your web host. You need to ask your host (or look in their help guide) to find out if you have it.
    Note: If you access store with sub-folder like http://www.mydomain/subfolder make sure to change RewriteBase / to RewriteBase /subfolder/ in the .htaccess file.

  • Changing the domain name

    Described here
  • Installing and activating extensions

    AbanteCart powered with core extension and third-party via AbanteCart Marketplace. Described here
  • Editing texts and labels in your store

    You can manage all texts in System > Localization > Language Definitions section

  • Removing the "Powered by".

    You can remove manually in the template files or quickly and easily via whitelabel extension (No coding needed).
    Manully just delete this line:
    <div class="pull-right textright"> <?php echo $text_powered_by ?> <a href="..." onclick=";return false;" title="Ideal OpenSource E-commerce Solution">AbanteCart</a> </div>
    in this file:


  • Edit policies

    To replace text with your own policy Visit Design > Content in admin front.
  • Adding new items to your store's menus

    If needed, you can add links to certain pages to the header menu on the storefront.

    To add a new item to one of your store's menu: n your store's Admin area, go to the Menu page (Design > Menu). Click the Add button.

  • Specifying your company's identity and contact information.

    It is possible to specify your company's identity and contact information so your customers know who to contact if they need more information about your products or services or need help with their order.

    This can be done via the System > Settings > Details section. Here you able to change Welcome Text, Store address, phone and email.

  • Changing Banner Slider on Home page

    Please read this artcile
  • Configure Google Analytics

    Save your Google Analytics Account Number in System > Settings > General section
  • Accepting payments

    To accept payments from buyers, you need to enable one or more payment methods for your store.

    Payment methods are managed via the Payment methods section (Extensions > Payments)

  • Currencies exchange rates.

    System > Localization > Currencies

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