AbanteCart Shipping Configuration

Extensions > Shipping

A shipping method is a set of rules and parameters to calculate the cost of shipping orders to buyers. This section contains a list of shipping methods present in the store.
Every shipping method in AbanteCart is presented as Extension and in order to access these you will need to login into the admin area of your installation. Then you should navigate to Extensions > Shipping.

AbanteCart Shipping Extensions List

Edit shipping methods

Extensions > Shipping

Once you access the Extensions page you will find the Shipping extension list. Then you will need to click on the small “play” like icon under the “Quick Actions” column of the table view. This action will install the extension and will lead you to the configuration page for the same where you need to configure additional options.

Additional settings vary from shipping to shipping and described here

Starting from AbanteCart version 1.1.3 there is new settings common for all shipping modules:

Auto Select - You can set to skip shipping selection page if there is only one shipping option available. This shipping method will be selected automatically. In order for this to work only single shipping method needs to be present for given checkout process.

Accept these payments - If only specific payment methods are needed for this shipping method, select them here. If nothing selected, all available payment methods will be shown. This setting allow only specific payment methods to be accepted based on shipping selected.

Note: Shipping cost depends on Shipping Rates provided by shipping method and product's shipping settings:
Requires Shipping - set to ON to allow shipping for product
Free Shipping - Enable to allow free shipping in case product with free shipping only one in cart.
Ship Product Individually - Shipping individually is using fixed shipping price setting. Product will be shipped in a separate package and additional shipping cost will be added to the order with multiple items. If enabled, Fixed Shipping Price needs to be set.
Fixed Shipping Price - Master setting with fixed shipping price for this product.

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