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Fill in the following fields:

Status: - MUST be "ON" for Payment module to appear in your store. Please fill API credentials first

API Username: - your PayPal Pro API username

API Password: - your PayPal Pro API password

API Signature: - enter your signature (you can find it on the API Access page of your personal account at web site)

Test Your Connection: - click to test if API credentials that you've entered are correct.


To continue PayPal policy of ensuring the highest level of security for merchants, developers, and consumers, PayPal is require upgraded SSL certificates on all Live and Sandbox endpoints. If you receive a handshake error, check the merchant keystone to see if the PayPal VeriSign G5 root certification is present. Next, update your SSL software to process SHA-256 certificates.

Sandbox (Test) Mode: - Use the live or testing (sandbox) gateway server to process transactions.

Transaction Method: - PayPal transaction to run at customer's checkout before order status is set. Authorization only or capture.

Order Status: - Select the Order Status of all new Orders created using this payment method from the drop-down. The recommended status is Processing, as this is intended to apply to Orders which have not had any actions performed on them, however you can change this to whichever status you prefer.

Location: - select proper location. Restrict to allow only selected locations to use this payment method.

Accepted Credit Card Types: - Check with PayPal what credit cards your can accept for your country and select from the list.

Storefront Icon: - Payment Icon to be displayed at checkout payment selection

Total Order Minimum: - Minimum order amount to be reached to allow this payment

Total Order Maximum: - Maximum order amount to be reached to disallow this payment

Auto Select: - You can set to skip payment selection page if there is only one payment option. This payment method will be selected automatically

Sort Order: - Sort Order set's the order of which the Payment will be displayed amongst others.

On order edit page PayPal Pro now has capture/refund features.

After you have made your changes, click the SAVE button