Admin User Group Permissions List

System > Users > edit User Group

For each one of the administrator user groups you can specify which areas of the Administration Panel they will be allowed to go see and modify. For example, you may have a login created for your Webmaster and you need to restrict them from accessing your customer's information. Alternately, you may want your sales staff to have access to customers and orders, but not to design aspects of the site.

User Group Name - The name you want to use for the new admin user group.

Then click save button. Permissions page will appear.

Access Permission

Which pages members of this admin group can view. If a member of a user group that tries to view a page the user group does not have permission to view they will get a "Permission Denied!" page displayed.

Modify Permission

Which pages that members of this admin group can modify. If a member of a user group that tries to modify a page the user group does not have permission to modify they will get a error message about permissions displayed.

After you have made your changes, select the save button

List of Products data entry permissions

Here's the full list of controller's permissions required for the Products data entry operator group.

Controller Access/Modify
catalog/category yes/yes
catalog/category_tabs yes/yes
catalog/product yes/yes
catalog/product_discount_form yes/yes
catalog/product_extensions yes/yes
catalog/product_files yes/yes
catalog/product_images yes/yes
catalog/product_layout yes/yes
catalog/product_options yes/yes
catalog/product_promotions yes/yes
catalog/product_relations yes/yes
catalog/product_special_form yes/yes
catalog/product_summary yes/yes
catalog/product_tabs yes/yes
common/resource_library yes/yes
listing_grid/product yes/yes
product/product yes/yes
common/common yes/no
listing_grid/message_grid yes/no